Africa’s Clean Energy Surge: A Beacon of Hope in Declining Foreign Investments

Despite a slight decline in overall foreign investment flows to Africa in 2023, the continent’s clean energy sector has seen a remarkable surge, attracting significant global interest. Noteworthy investments include a $34 billion green hydrogen project in Mauritania and over $10 billion for wind and solar projects in Egypt, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. These developments highlight Africa’s growing commitment to sustainability and its potential to lead in renewable energy, driving economic growth and environmental progress.

South African Asset Managers’ Response to Shifting Investment Trends and Political Uncertainty

In the midst of evolving investment landscapes, South African asset managers have notably adjusted their strategies, as highlighted in the 2023 Alexforbes Manager Watch Annual Survey. Over the past five years, a discernible trend has emerged, with a greater focus on global equities alongside recalibrations in domestic allocations. However, this strategic maneuvering unfolds against a backdrop of political uncertainty following national elections, with discussions of a Government of National Unity stirring market volatility. Yet, armed with insight and adaptability, South African asset managers remain poised to navigate these challenges, steering investments towards long-term prosperity amidst shifting sands.

Namibia Launches $2.1 Billion Port Expansion to Support Oil Industry Growth

Namibia’s $2.1 billion port expansion promises significant economic growth and a broader impact on the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region. Enhancing infrastructure at Walvis Bay and developing a new port in Lüderitz will boost trade, supply chain efficiency, and logistics capabilities. Projected to increase cargo throughput and accommodate larger vessels, the expansion will drive trade volumes and attract investments in logistics and warehousing. This initiative is set to benefit landlocked SADC nations, stimulate ancillary industries, and create employment opportunities, fostering economic prosperity and regional integration.

Atlantic Lithium Makes History on Ghana Stock Exchange

On May 13th, 2024, Atlantic Lithium made history by becoming the first lithium-focused company to trade on the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) under the ticker “ALLGH.” This milestone marks the beginning of Ghana’s first lithium mine, the Ewoyaa Lithium Project, which is set to produce 365,000 tonnes of spodumene concentrate annually. The listing offers Ghanaians a unique investment opportunity and signifies a major step in the country’s economic and green energy transition efforts.

Africa’s Tech Continues to Soar: Fintech Solutions and Record VC Funding Point to a Promising Future

In Africa’s dynamic tech landscape, two key developments are reshaping the future: the surge of fintech solutions tailored for freelancers and unprecedented investment in early-stage startups. With freelancers driving the gig economy, fintech platforms are revolutionizing financial management, while TLcom Capital’s $154 million fund underscores growing global confidence in African tech ventures. These trends promise empowerment and growth, heralding Africa’s ascent as a tech powerhouse.

Zimbabwe Implements New Gold-Backed Currency to Address Inflation Woes

Image source: In a bid to combat soaring inflation and stabilize the nation’s economy, Zimbabwe’s central bank has unveiled a fresh initiative – a […]