Resolute Mining – A Beacon of Success in African Gold Mining

Resolute Mining, a leader in African gold mining, boasts over three decades of expertise, with operations in Mali, Senegal, and Guinea. The company is committed to sustainable growth through extensive exploration, aiming to discover new deposits and expand existing resources. Resolute’s dedication to community engagement and responsible resource management underscores its mission to support regional development and environmental stewardship, making it a beacon of innovation and success in the mining sector.

Milestone Achieved in Carbon Capture and Utilisation Storage Project

Leandra, Mpumalanga, 10 May 2024 – The Council for Geoscience (CGS) and Mzansi Exploration, Drilling and Mining celebrated a significant achievement with the completion of an 1800m drill for the Carbon Capture and Utilisation Storage (CCUS) pilot project. This milestone, essential for the development of the CCUS initiative, was celebrated at the CCUS Piloting Site in Leandra, Mpumalanga.