Namibia Launches $2.1 Billion Port Expansion to Support Oil Industry Growth

Namibia’s $2.1 billion port expansion promises significant economic growth and a broader impact on the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region. Enhancing infrastructure at Walvis Bay and developing a new port in Lüderitz will boost trade, supply chain efficiency, and logistics capabilities. Projected to increase cargo throughput and accommodate larger vessels, the expansion will drive trade volumes and attract investments in logistics and warehousing. This initiative is set to benefit landlocked SADC nations, stimulate ancillary industries, and create employment opportunities, fostering economic prosperity and regional integration.

Qatar Airways Nears Investment in Southern African Airline

Qatar Airways is nearing the final stages of a significant investment in a southern African airline, according to CEO Badr Mohammed Al Meer. This move, expected to be officially announced within weeks, aims to enhance Qatar Airways’ presence in Africa by improving connectivity and offering more flight options in the region. While the specific airline remains undisclosed, the investment highlights Qatar Airways’ commitment to expanding its network and capitalizing on Africa’s growing aviation market.