Enhancing Arc Safety: Dromex’s Commitment to Protection and Innovation

Since 2019, Dromex has been a leading supplier of arc workwear and PPE, offering garments that provide 15 and 55 calories of protection per cm², along with arc gloves, footwear, and visors. During this time, the industry has seen a growing awareness of the importance of arc safety products for protecting electrical workers.

Key Considerations for Arc Flash PPE

Before purchasing arc flash PPE, clients must conduct an arc assessment to determine the specific hazard level and ensure the selected protection is adequate. It’s also crucial that the arc workwear and PPE have undergone rigorous testing, with certifications available for both fabric and garment safety.

Post-Purchase Best Practices

After acquiring PPE, users should receive proper training on its use. Dromex offers free onsite training to its customers. Proper storage and care are essential, including following washing instructions and inspecting the equipment for any damage before and after use.

Industry Challenges and Dromex’s Solutions

One major challenge is the availability of PPE, with many suppliers having long lead times. Dromex addresses this by maintaining high stock levels and producing arc workwear locally at their SABS manufacturing facility, Dromex Globale. This ensures immediate availability of quality products.

Testing is another critical issue, as many suppliers only perform either fabric or garment testing. Dromex ensures all their arc clothing undergoes both tests at internationally accredited laboratories, guaranteeing the highest safety standards.

Additionally, Dromex offers a comprehensive range of arc protection products covering all risk categories, from HRC 1 to 4. This extensive selection is detailed on the Dromex website and in their catalogue, providing essential information for clients about the requirements and features of arc workwear and PPE.

Dromex’s unwavering commitment to safety and quality ensures that their products not only meet but exceed industry standards, providing the best protection for electrical workers in hazardous environments.

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