Scania CrewCab: The Ultimate in Versatility and Safety for Emergency Services

When it comes to emergency assignments, there’s no room for compromise. The Scania P-series CrewCab is engineered with this in mind, offering a suite of features tailored specifically for emergency services. With a focus on ergonomics, safety, and uncompromising quality, the CrewCab is built to meet the demands of any situation.

Ergonomics and Safety at the Forefront

The Scania CrewCab stands out with its Scania City Safe Window and a separate climate system for the crew area. Available in two length dimensions—Crewcab (3265mm) and Crewcab long (3645mm)—this vehicle is designed to provide flexibility, comfort, and safety for up to eight passengers.

City Safe Window

  • Enhanced visibility in urban environments
  • Positioned low on the passenger door to detect children, pedestrians, and cyclists
  • Optimized driver seat positioning, lowered side windows, and larger glass surface
  • Slightly lowered dashboard for improved forward visibility

Easy Access Entry Steps

  • Low entrance for quick and safe entry and exit
  • Convenient handles for easy climbing in and out
  • Rear staircase-style boarding with fixed or retractable lower step options

Flexible Crew Area

The interior of the Scania CrewCab is designed with flexibility in mind. It offers various seating and storage options to accommodate the crew and their equipment.

Seating and Storage Options

  • Three or four individual seats
  • Bench seat option
  • Seats without backrests for additional equipment space (e.g., breathing apparatus)

Separate Climate System

  • Separate heating system for the crew area
  • Air vents directing warm air towards the floor and side windows

Room for Extra

For emergency services, having easy access to vital equipment is essential. The CrewCab provides smart storage solutions accessible from both inside and outside the cab.

Storage Features

  • Smart storage space accessible from both inside and outside the cab
  • Additional storage space in the long version of the CrewCab



The Scania P-series CrewCab is the epitome of adaptability and readiness, built to handle the unexpected with unmatched safety, comfort, and performance. Whether navigating urban environments or responding to emergency calls, the CrewCab ensures that your crew is always prepared, making it an invaluable asset for any emergency service fleet.

For more information or to customize your Scania CrewCab, contact your local Scania dealer today.

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