Africa’s Clean Energy Surge: A Beacon of Hope in Declining Foreign Investments

Despite a slight decline in overall foreign investment flows to Africa in 2023, the continent’s clean energy sector has seen a remarkable surge, attracting significant global interest. Noteworthy investments include a $34 billion green hydrogen project in Mauritania and over $10 billion for wind and solar projects in Egypt, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. These developments highlight Africa’s growing commitment to sustainability and its potential to lead in renewable energy, driving economic growth and environmental progress.

Zimbabwe Licenses Starlink for Satellite Internet Services in Strategic Tech Partnership

Zimbabwe has officially licensed Elon Musk’s Starlink to provide satellite internet services, becoming the eighth African country to do so. President Emmerson Mnangagwa announced the partnership with local company IMC Communications, owned by his associate Wicknell Chivayo. This move aims to revolutionize Zimbabwe’s digital landscape by offering high-speed, low-cost internet, particularly benefiting rural areas. Economist Stevenson Dlamini highlighted the potential cost challenges but emphasized the long-term benefits for schools, hospitals, and other public facilities.