The 410P Tier ADT: Built for Power, Redesigned for Performance

You asked, and they delivered! The rugged and reliable 410P Tier Articulated Dump Truck (ADT) needs no introduction. With exceptional upgrades in design and productivity, this powerhouse ensures a stellar investment for any heavy-duty operation.

Redesigned with Purpose

The 410P Tier ADT boasts a redesigned, wider dump body that enhances material retention, lowers the loading height, and shifts the center of gravity downward. These improvements significantly boost cycle times in quarry and aggregate applications. Additionally, the top-angled bin rail reduces material spillage during travel, thereby enhancing the efficiency and productivity of your operation.

Improved Reliability

Engineered for reliability, the 410P Tier ADT includes robust machine sensors and streamlined routing of electrical harnesses and hydraulic hoses. With a reduction in hose length and the number of connections—10% fewer than E-Series models—the system complexity is minimized, enhancing overall reliability.

Advanced Drive Modes

The 410P Tier ADT features three drive modes tailored to optimize machine response for various applications:

  • Normal: Ideal for typical operations, providing balanced performance.
  • Eco: Conserves fuel by smoothing throttle input, reducing maximum RPM, and optimizing transmission response under favorable conditions. This mode can deliver up to 7% fuel savings over E-Series models and up to 12% compared to the Normal mode.
  • Traction: Maximizes control over soft and slippery terrain by enhancing the auto-differential-lock system and powertrain.

Work Comfortably with Exceptional Features

Cab Comfort: The cab of the 410P Tier ADT is designed for maximum operator comfort and efficiency:

  • Easy-to-read monitor and rear-camera display.
  • Optional automatic temperature control (ATC) system.
  • Standard high-back air-suspension seat with multiple adjustments for all-day support.
  • Premium heated/ventilated seat with heavy-duty air-suspension and adjustable seat pan.

LED Lighting Package:

  • LED drive lights.
  • Additional work lights, three times as bright as optional halogens.
  • Pushbutton-operated stairway lights, accessible from inside the cab and at ground level.

Service Accessibility

All daily checks and periodic services are accessible from ground level, including fuel and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) refills. Optional factory-installed auto lube, integrated with machine diagnostics, simplifies daily maintenance.

Safety Features

  • A safety bar locks the dump body to the mainframe when fully upright and disengages the hydraulics for secure servicing.
  • Standard rear camera with display options for enhanced operator visibility.
  • Standard auto horn sounds automatically when the ADT starts, moves forward or in reverse, or changes direction, complying with Mine Safety and Health Administration regulations.

Load Management

Operators can limit the percentage the rear chassis is off level when unloading through the monitor. If the limit is exceeded, the dump body will not raise, and a message will instruct the operator to reposition the ADT.

With these advanced features and upgrades, the 410P Tier ADT stands out as a leader in the field. It is designed to provide the best in performance, reliability, and operator comfort, making it an indispensable asset for any heavy-duty operation.

As always, AFGRI Equipment is here to SERVE, ADVISE, BE INVOLVED, and SUPPORT our customers no matter what the job site asks. We are committed to helping you make the biggest success of your business.

Experience the #AFGRIequipmentEDGE with the powerful and innovative 410P Tier ADT. See the difference it can make in your productivity and efficiency!

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